Workplace Got a new job and college denied my degree..


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May 11, 2010
Meridian, ID
thanks i'm glad it all worked out well :yahoo:
OP I know your thread is a month old now but I'm so glad it worked out for you!! My husband went through this but it wasn't quite as easy for him to resolve. He thought he had his degree too and when he went to get his job out of college and asked for his transcripts and official diploma from our school, they said sorry you didn't graduate!! We were so upset! Apparently, he missed taking one college math class he was supposed to take. He got the job because it didn't require a college degree but he ended up having to take two or three college math courses to meet the requirement of the college algebra course over the next several years. It sucked since he had to do it while working full time and we had a child by that time but he did it!