Got a Dior for Mom's Day

  1. I got a nice yellow gold bracelet for Mom's Day already, but when I went shopping today, I saw this really nice Dior bag. Strangely I m never a fan of Dior and I don't even know what lines they carry, unlike LV. But the cute ribbon, which makes it look really sweet and gift-like, made it irresistible. And its not pricey either. And this will be her first bag thats more than a 100 bucks, haha. We were rather impoverished in the past, and she'll save all for our education, and never spend much on herself. I hope she likes this bag!
  2. You're a sweet daughter. I'm sure she'll like it.
  3. I love it...I might have to get one for you mind me asking how much it was?
  4. it's adorable! yea how much? i think my collection can use a pink handbag :smile:.

    i got my mom a kate spade tote for mom's day. it's all wrapped up by the bloomies associate already so i can't take pix. mom doesnt care for the real 'couture' bags and likes big bags.
  5. Oooh that's TDF :love: Very cute purse!! I'm sure your mom will love it!
  6. Thanks gals! U r all so sweet :flowers:
    I got it at around 440+. Its not that small, abt 30% bigger than the LV pochette accessoires. And I just found out its the Trotter Romantique series (right?) There's a version in dark brown, and the leather parts are black, kinda like a "damiere" version and it looks more glam and ex. But this beige version is kinda less old-ish.
  7. It's adorable! You've got a lucky Mom.

    If it comes in pink, I'll be in love:heart:...
  8. What a pretty bag! She's going to LOVE it!
  9. Great find. It's a very pretty bag. :heart:
  10. Beautiful choice! I really like that style. I'm sure she will love it!
  11. Awww how sweet :smile:
  12. I hope she likes it! It's beautiful!
  13. It's Beautiful....What A Great Choice!
  14. Maguses, great choice. =)
  15. thats really pretty, I hope ur mom loves it...