got a cute little accessory at H today :D

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  1. i was at the H store visiting my SAs and seeing how things were going...they are doing inventory. i had a small accessory in mind that i have wanted for a bit...and meant to ask if they were getting one in soon and if they could put my name down. well i actually had forgotten about the accessory (had wandered around and did a teeny bit of damage at NM prior to my visit) when WHAM! i saw it in the glass case. 2 minutes later, it's chilling in my bag :smile:

    any guesses? no pics for a few hours, camera on the fritz!
  2. card case?
    I have only dialup today, so that may be my last guess :crybaby:

    more hints???
  3. it's squishy :biggrin:
  4. Karo?
  5. no, though they did have karos in a rainbow of colors, turquoise, white, rose, fuschia, brighton blue, etc.

    it's squishier.
  6. a leather stress ball in evergrain
  7. if not karo - one of those key pouches??
  8. it is a pouch of sorts...

  9. is it the little buttery draw string pouch????????/
  10. no drawstring, but it is buttery.

  11. does it have the seams up and down all around?
  12. BeBop is out????
  13. That was my guess too. A piccolo???
  14. ^^BEBOP! good job, mrss and sus!

    yes, i got the rose dragee bebop, not sure of the size, i think it's the medium one, but it was 560 us dollars. the only one they had. i'll try to post more pics of it later...

    it looks like this one in le monde:


    i was amazed they had it, just the one! it's adorably soft and squishy. i 've always wanted a rose dragee accessory! i bet the one in raisin is lovely too!

    will try to get pics later after work!

    the snap is cute, it has the circle H perforated off to the side...different from the other H snaps on my ulysses.
  15. WOW I must confess I have never heard of this piece! Gorgy!