Got a call to say patchwork is in!!!!

  1. i have just received a call from my SA to say that the patchwork bags I waitlisted are in and awaiting my viewing.

    My hubby has a couple of probs at work so I may not end up getting these, If I dont I will let you know.:crybaby:
  2. OMG!!! I hope you get it. Good luck with your DH and his job.
  3. oh, i hope things work out for hubby and you get your patchwork bags!
  4. Congrats! I hope that you get your bags.
  5. wow its in. I wonder if my local LV store has any.
  6. i hope it all works out for you! i just called my LV today and they said all the Speedy 30s are sold out but another shipment is due soon. A couple more new patchwork styles are to arrive after 4/1. good luck!!
  7. I hope you get it.
  8. I am glad you got the call - hope you are able to get them, and that everything is ok with DH work - if you have to pass on these, you know how it works -- always something else great is just ahead! Hope the patchworks make their way to you :smile:
  9. Hope everything works out and you get your bags
  10. are they LE??
  11. I hope things work out for your hubby period.
  12. Hope things work out for your dh and you get your patchwork bags.
  13. How exciting!!! :biggrin:
  14. hope everything is ok with your DH, keep my toes crossed for you!!!
  15. i went to LV today to buy a bandeau to decorate my speedy and saw the patchwork collection, they didn't really appeal to me, i thought i would really like the speedy, but not really. and the DA speedies were all sold ot and waitlist is full :S