Got a call from my local LV for etoile scarf...

  1. Now I need to decide between pink and blue
  2. feel free to use my motto

    if in doubt BUY BOTH!!!
  3. I like Pink.....or how about another possibility-->GRAY? lol
  4. I am buying both...I'm no help LOL
  5. Buy both- try them out with different bags and outfits and return the one that doesn't fit as cohesively as the other (if you can bear to part with one :graucho: )
  6. Both if possible..I can't choose just one lol.
    But the pink is gorgeous.
  7. love the blue. but i am a sucker for red and blue and white together

  8. :roflmfao:

    I say both, or if just one, the blue.