GoSMILE now at Elux!

  1. Has anyone tried this? Looks interesting. I once had the professional trays that were molded to my teeth but I lost them last year in my cross -country move and haven't ordered new ones. I was actually just thinking I need to do something about my yellowing teeth. I visit coffee bean everyday!!!!

    so...any recommendations about this new offer at Elux?
  2. I had GREAT results from GoSmile, not good results from the "Advanced B-1 GoSmile."

    Other than water, pretty much the only things that I drink are coffee and red wine and my teeth get really yellow.

    SoSmile worked as well as the Zoom bleaching and the dentist and a zillion times better than the touch up trays that they sold me.
  3. I bought this product at Sephora in Paris last month for 75 euro. Havent tried it though. I did try 1 sample that they were handing out and I hated the taste. But I want to whiten my teeth so badly I think I can manage the taste. I will start to use it soon and will report the results. It's a 2 week kit used morning and evening.
  4. I am interested in hearing more about GoSMILE. I desperately need to whiten my teeth, but Crest Whitestips absolutely kill me. They cause me pain and sensitivity the very first day I use them! I am never able to continue using them. I have heard GoSMILE does not cause this pain/sensitivity. Is this true?
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