Gorgeous Magenta Twiggy!

  1. OMG...it is *pristine*. I wish I loved the Twiggy style ... :crybaby:
  2. It's in excellent condition but I'm not a twiggy fan either.
  3. What a beauty! I love love love the Twiggy and do love the color but honestly can't see myself wearing it. Tempted though (as usual)!
  4. *gasp* oh I want, I want!!!!:love:
  5. Magenta is such a gorgeous color! So cute in the twiggy style too!
  6. wow, magenta looks amazing in the twiggy style! but i can't picture myself wearing it. somebody get it though!
  7. I love this bag but I have my heart set on a lovely truffle twiggy that is calling my name...so I shall pass on this.But it does look lovely!
  8. OMG !! I 've never thought about buying bags from eBay.May be this time i have to think twice.
  9. Another gorgeous bag I wussed out on! *le sigh*

    Did someone here get it?? I would have totally paid that. Coulda shoulda woulda..................
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