Gorgeous Guccis - with what?

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  1. Just got a pair of THE most gorgeous Gucci pumps... now I just need to know what to wear with them. Capris? Maybe a knee length pencil skirt? Any Suggestions?

    Gorgeous Guccis.JPG
  2. Wow! Those are gorgeous! For some reason I think these would look awesome with some long black skinny jeans and a billowy pink or white top
  3. I immediately imagined them with a short but flowy dress:


    Love em! What season are they?
  4. Wow, I love them. I think they would look good with a pencil skirt.
  5. skinny jeans, skinny black pants...
  6. Black skinny jeans, white chiffon/silk billowy top. That would be a perfect match.
  7. Black Pencil Skirt!
  8. i love them.. i think this pair of absolutly fabolous shoes would go with everything...

    but.. i would like them with pencil skirt
  9. Those are so pretty. Where did you get them? I agree that a pencil skirt would look great, or really just about any black pants.
  10. those shoes would look hot with anything that has a dark base colour, well fitted and has a slim silhouette - the shoes are definitely the focal point of the outfit.
  11. i see those with a pair of skinny white jeans. i dont know why but I've really been into white jeans lately!
  12. Fitted black shift dress - Audrey Hepburn with a funky twist :yes: - or the old favourite skinny black jeans.
  13. Pencil skirt or jeans (but not skinnies, just straight leg so they poke out from underneath).
  14. congrats! I wear them with everything lol! i love them and i know u will too
  15. These shoes would look great with skinny jeans - I love this look!