goodbye pretentious ladies..Have a great day:)

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  1. ..I thought we were all here to just talk about bags and not call each other names..specially when we ask questions or don't "know it all" about one specific bag or line..(I mean I have a life..I don't have the luxury of "knowing everything" about a specific handbag)...that's why I joined here in the first place. It's so rude to call someone's thread senseless when I was asking a legitimate question..had I known I wouldn't have asked. There's too much hostility and rudeness. Pretentiousness specially. I love my handbags too just as much as the next die hard bag fanatic, but what I don't have in common is the attitude I just received.

    Thanks for the words from the kind few but this is senseless indeed.
    ....farewell and Best regards to the forum.
  2. I totally understand what you mean
    but you shouldn't just stop posting
    there is a lot of nice people here... ;)
  3. there are some meanies out there...I have encountered a few...but, there are some good people too...your thread is not senseless and do what I do ignore the mean people who can be jerks...some do it intentional because they are simply weird with nothing better to do...ignore any losers and get the support of decent purse lovers!!!!
  4. I must of missed something. Anyone know what happened?
  5. ^I missed it...I wonder what happened...?
  6. I didn't see your thread but there's nothing wrong with asking what you don't know. I'm definately no expert and probably ask things that other people think are stupid. Don't let it bother you, there are lots and lots of lovely, friendly and helpful people here.:yes:
  7. :confused1: :sad: What happened? Don't leave, just ignore them.
  8. eLVee -- I'm confused too. I have looked over your threads and don't see where anyone called your thread senseless. Can you elaborate?:confused1:
    I'm sorry if you don't feel welcomed. I enjoy your posts and think you should reconsider....:flowers:
  9. i know! i know!:graucho: :shame: i'm nosy like that! look at her post about SPY bag for only $299? Fendiluva was rude to her... pls don't leave! don't let one nasty comment stop you... most of us are nice here!:yes: :yes:
  10. i didn't see your thread either, but i know i asked a question the other day and some replied something to the effect like 'if we knew then the answer would have already been posted'. well, i don't live on this board and am not here 24 hours a day. i was just asking a simple i know what you mean!
  11. Yah, there a lot of members here more than willing to answer questions and share information. Hopefully, you will stay and see there's a lot of nice people!

    You can always PM me if you need anything! : )
  12. Honestly, I try not to take the posts (offensive or not) too seriously. There are a lot of really nice people here, and even when I get fewer responses or none, it's probably because people don't know what to say or maybe they don't really care? But I don't take it to heart (just now I posted something about a noe, but I don't have a lot of responses...oh well, it's life). I think I start threads people don't find very relevant, but I take the risk. So what if there are a few people who rubbed you the wrong way? There are really great people here! And I loved your LV collection; don't go!

  13. I did that too..:yes:

    I checked your posts and your thread. I didn't find anything bad..well not from LV forum anyway..

    Please elaborate sweety..
  14. If you look at her previous posts, one person on the Fendi forum called her slow and said her post was pointless when she was asking about a fake. And a few people jumped up to defend her. I really don't see a reason to take it so seriously, one member with less than 50 posts offended you and a bunch of people defended you... and it wasn't even here in LV. It's kind of rude to generalize and call the majority pretentious or whatever over what one person said to you in another subforum, unless there are a bunch of other threads I'm not seeing.
  15. Yah, it was in the Fendi group.
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