Good things DO come to those who wait - Reference Library

  1. Choo Girls Alert!!!!!

    We now have our very own reference library! :woohoo: :choochoo: :woohoo: I just finished the individual threads for the Color and Style categories.

    Our new library will be a great value to the Choo addiction we know and love. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the threads. I have created some broad and specific threads. I also tried to focus on the most popular styles as well as generalized collections. We also have a miscellaneous category to catch styles not covered. I'm sure the library will need some tweaking along the way. If certain style categories do not get many posts, we can eventually incorporate them into the misc. category. And if new styles come along that are popular, we can break them out into their own thread. Just PM me if you have any concerns.

    Also - please note that the threads are PICTURE ONLY with concise decription. If you want to discuss a particular item, please start a new thread in the main Choo forum and reference the picture with a link. We made the reference threads "picture only" so they don't get bogged down with comments.

    Remember, you can post your pictures in both style and color libraries. If you have, for example, a python Mahala, please post in both Color-exotics, and in Style-Mahala/Maddy/Malena threads. I am really excited about this enhancement to our forum at tPF. Thanks so much to Vlad and Megs for setting this up.

    Now...get that camera out and post away!
  2. WAY TO GO Jburgh :yahoo: :yahoo:
    :woohoo: :choochoo: :happydance:

    Thank you for all the hard work that went into this and also keeping on Vlad and his busy schedule to make this happen :wlae:
  3. Thanks again, Jburgh, this is great!!:wlae::woohoo::yahoo::wlae:
  4. Something just occurred to me. We have all been posting pictures in many other threads. There is a way to reference those attachments in our new reference library posts. That way we do not make more attachments. This will save lots of space on the server.

    I will attempt to write directions: :rolleyes:
    1. When you are in the thread you want, click on post reply.
    2. The subject is automatically filled out
    3. In the body of your post, type in the name,color, season, etc of the bag and hit the enter key once (to make a space).
    4. Click on the "insert image" tab. It looks like a grey mountain with a sun in the upper right corner and has a pale yellow background.
    5. Up pops a little window that asks you to please enter the URL of your image.
    6. Paste in this URL, and click okay.
    7. Preview your post and then edit or submit reply.

    Huh? How do I get my URL of a picture I already posted on tPF, you ask?

    It is easy! Just click on the my control panel tab, ands scroll down to the bottom. You will see a miscellaneous section on the far left with a choice labeled "attachments." Click on attachments and it will list ALL of the pictures you ever uploaded to the tPF server. Lot of 'em, eh? Find the name of the picture you want and click on it to bring it up. Copy the attachment's address in the URL window. This is what you paste in #6 above.

    Have fun!
  5. :woohoo:Woo-Hoo!!!! GREAT job Jburgh!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  6. Wow, that is fantastic! :amazed: Way to go!:okay::choochoo:
  7. Jburgh you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!:tup::tup:

    Thank you so much!

    This is fantastic and very much appreciated.
  8. Thanks Jburgh! I just finally bought my new digital camera and my first Choo (I hope!) so I can start posting soon!
  9. Yay jburgh!!! Ok girls get posting so I can start :drool: