Good SA in Chanel boutique in NY?

  1. I have a friend in NY who wants to go to the Chanel Boutique on 15 E 57th in NY.

    Does anyone have a favorite SA at this store to recommend?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Tell your friend to ask for Brendan Sheehan. He's awesome!:yes:
  3. Thanks so much Smoothporter! I will let her know. :flowers:

    I'm trying to get her into Chanel - I sent her a picture of the Coco Cabas and she flipped out! She's normally a Mark Jacobs/Kooba kinda gal and after she saw the bag and the shoes they're offering for fall she's hooked!
  4. It's easy to get hooked with all of the beautiful bags out this fall.
  5. Hahhahaa....I talked to my friend today and she said Brendan wasn't in but she talked to another SA who was very nice - she couldn't remember her name but I think it was Elizabeth?

    Anyhoo, my friend saw the leather Coco Cabas in person and snatched it right up! She also got a pair of cool sunglasses. She wore the bag today and all the women at her work were fawning over her beautiful bag! I knew it was right for her. :lol:

    She's finally a fan of Chanel! I've been trying to convince her for weeks to step inside the Chanel boutique!
  6. COOL!!!:party:
  7. I was treated very well at the 57th street store, a man helped me. I also went to the other smaller Chanel on Madison Avenue and that was a pleasant experience also.
  8. Brendan Sheehan is also my favorite at the 57th street location.
  9. hey ladies... *help*

    i want to get an SA to help authenticate a bag i got recently... i live in NYC... is there anyone that you girls would recommend? i find it alot easier to work with SAs with a referral...
  10. PS. i just need them to take a look at it for a peace of mind... not anything else. (:
  11. I love Shoko at the 57th Street store. She really provides excellent customer service and really goes out of her way for you. I have met Brendan and he seems to be very nice, also. I met Shoko years ago when I first started shopping for Chanel and she has always been wonderful so I tend to seek her out when I go there.
  12. thanks nypersonalshopper... if you don't mind... who should i say referred me? a little name dropping always makes them go the extra mile (: