Good quality leggings and tights

  1. I'm looking for some quality leggings and tights. I also want a waistband soft enough that it doesn't cause the dreaded muffin top :blush: since I'm hoping to wear them under some very fitted dresses. I'm 5'7'', usually wear a 2-4, and can't seem to find a good fit. I've heard falke and wolford are decent but I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on this forum since everyone here is so knowledgeable and discerning. Does anybody have any favorites? Thanks a lot.
  2. I was just about to recommend Falke & Wolford.....of teh two I prefer Falke slightly more as the fit is better for me
  3. The easiest way to get around the waistband problem is to wear stockings and a suspender (garter) belt.

    The other option is to get something like Spanx, which are designed to smooth everything out and some of them sit a little higher.
  4. Wolford tights definitely!!!

    I just got some Splendid leggings, they're really nice and soft (no muffin top whatsoever). However they aren't very thick so they may be a little see through in the back.
  5. Wolford is awesome! They are kind of pricey but worth it.
    I also own Splendid leggings which are okay but I wouldn't buy them again ($50.)
    Suprisingly Lauren Conrad has some nice leggings in her line. I love those.
    Then just on the cheap, I picked up a couple from Nordstrom in the BP department and like them too.
  6. Spanx
  7. I want a pair of thick legggings..
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    My favorites are Falke the waistband is comfortable, on the cheaper side I also like the Nordstrom house brand.

    Not a fan of Wolford, they fit me weird. The crotch sags and they are too high waisted for me.

    ETA: I have a pair of Cotton Donna Karan tights that I love, so comfortable for fall/winter. But the cotton is starting to pill after one winter of use.
  9. Falke and Wolford no doubt!
  10. I can add that the american apparel thigh-highs have great quality and are a great alternative to tights!
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    I agree with the Falke, and Wolford but I recently just purchased some leggings from a line called LNA. They have zippers at the bottom, and caught my eye because they different; they're also a little cheaper than Falke, 109.00
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  12. definetely Spanx because they have the added bonus of slimming your hips and butt! Spanx makes your ass look smooth and perky, it's great.
  13. I haven't had much experience with leggings yet, (but i am def going to try them), so I can't really help you but you might be able to find a nice pair of tights or leggings if you browse around on