Good price for Nice Indigo

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  1. check the feedback. she sold an ellipse for 163.00$
    and jenniferg437 bought it.

    Werent there issues with that buyer *jenniferg437* selling fakes.
    none the less selling an ellpise for 163$ i'd run away from this one.
  2. Yikes! SEEE, that is scary, seems fake to me,,, but soooo hard to tell, the handles are VERY white, whiter than my brand new same bag, where the SA worked to get me the whitest vachetta she could. If this bag has been sitting for a year, I would think the handles would be a little darker, but the photos are not good... anyhoo, am wondering if vachetta has started the counterfeiting process... If so, my vachetta buying ebay career might be over...
  3. I mean, Vernis buying ebay career, not vachetta,,,, sorry, oops.
  4. OMG!!!! Ick on the Ellipse. She called it a "shell",,, oh yes... stay away....
  5. Do not think this is a good bag... delete option.:rant:
  6. I contacted this seller couple of days before to ask for more pics but never replied..
  7. I was atching this as well, seller never returned questions in e-mail.
  8. I asked this seller about the date code and she asked where to find it. I told her to check the tab on the D-ring and she said it wasn't there. Then she said she call the LV store where she bought it and they told her it could be "in the seams" and "sometimes you have to pull apart the seams to find it". Scared me away.
  9. I too asked for info- I have never heard back! No way...stay away...
  10. wow. A counterfeit Indigo. That is so darn creepy. Thank god I got mine from the LV store... I love my Indigo Bedford soooo much. That one on the link makes me so wary....
  11. Could also be a switch and bait, she could have gotton bad photos and you'll never know what you'll get in the mail... ugh.