Good books?

  1. I like to read, but I'm running out of books. Can anyone recommend some good books for me to read? I prefer horror/ghost stories.
  2. We've got a book club that just started here on tPF that you're more than welcome to join! Right now we're reading a book that probably doesn't fit what you like to read the most, but we'd be more than happy to have some horror/ghost stories suggestions during our next vote :smile:

  3. Interesting, I would love to join the book club here at tpf!

    I've just finished MIRACLE IN THE ANDES by Nando Parrado. It's a true story about the famous 1972 plane crash in Andes. Such a great reading.

    lamiastella, can you please direct me to the book club. I cant seem to find it (DOH!)! TIA..
  4. Horror/ghost? If you haven't already read the master of them all, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, you haven't even begun! The phrasing seems a bit archaic to a modern reader, but he is surely equal or superior to Edgar Allen Poe. You can find a complete list of his writing - and even a free link to all of them - at:
    Happy horrors to you!:ninja:

  5. There ya go!!! Some Lovecraft! Oooooo.....doesn't get much scarier that that!!!! Then there is always Stephen King, but I'm sure you've already read most of his stuff.
  6. Thank you for suggesting some books I might like.
    I used to read Stephen King when I was a kid, but I haven't been able to find any good ones I feel like reading now. I would have liked to read "Rose Red", but unfortunately it has never been published as a book :sad:
    My biggest problem is finding books what are scary enough.
  7. My favorite book is still The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger. I love it so much, if you haven't read it before, I could sure recommend it!
  8. A Winter Haunting by Dan Simmons--it gave me chills and I am a hardcore, not-easily-scared horror fan!! Also, I see folks are recommending HP Lovecraft for "old school" horror but may I say that M. R. James blows Lovecraft away, IMO?
  9. not horror but a great book nonetheless is cloud atlas by david mitchell. it is currently my choice for a book group that i go to and am getting really good feedback on it.
  10. Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon is a great scary book for this time of year, it's one of those stories that draws you in and then things get stranger and stranger...I read it almost every year at this time!
  11. That's my problem as well, I'm pretty hardcore, so the books I read need to be really scary. I like James Herbert, but I have read most of his books.