Good bag for rainy summer days?

  1. Hi there, I need suggestions on a good bag for those upcoming spring/summer rainy days. I just bought the BH Dentelle, but I don't obviously want to use it in the rain (or really every day for that matter). Any ideas? Does the mini Lin hold up well in the rain? Thanks so much!
  2. Damier is a good handbag for the rain. You don't have to worry about water marks.. IMO
  3. I would go with something in the EPI or damier line.
  4. Both excellent choices. I just bought the epi speedy 25 in ivorie, it will be my rainy summer day bag! :yes:
  5. i would go with something epi to cheer you up on rainy days
  6. suhali... bit it'exspensive

  7. light colored epi or the dune mini lin, even the vernis.
  8. ITA! I personally :heart: mandarin epi for summer. Oh, and damier ebene is always good for rainy days (or any days).
  9. TANGARINE epi Speedy!!!!

    sooooooooooo pretty!
  10. oops- MANDARIN!!! hahahaha
  11. i use my Damier bags for rainy days. they go with everything, regardless of the color
  12. damier or epi.
  13. actually, i use coach bags when its raining.
  14. Epi in Ivory?
  15. I go for the epi on rainy days.