Good alternative to Chloe Edith?

  1. I am dying for this bag <---- but my checkbook is screaming NO. Is there a similar styled bag (NO FAKES) from a different designer that my be a bit more affordable? I am looking for a whisky or chocolate brown color (preferably whisky).

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I actually don't think that there are similar styles out there except for the lush version which doesn't look so nice IMO.
  3. Club Monaco has a bag that's "inspired" by the Edith, but it doesn't have that outer pocket, just an outer zip pocket. I think there's a photo of the bag in the September Shop Etc magazine.

    Or you can see it on the Club Monaco website:

    Lookbook - spring 2006 - Club Monaco

    You need to "flip" through the lookbook to the accessories page which is after all the women's & men's clothing sections.
  4. It's balenciaga mated with edith!
  5. We need more threads like this. Now that I am liquidating my Balenciaga bags and trying to keep to a budget, I need to see more threads about good quality bags that remind us a bit of a certain style without being faked, and good prices of course. I gotta behave myself financially but I still HAVE to buy new bags! Just not $1000+ ones each time.....

    Might check on Besso bags. They make good quality leather renditions of designer bags.
  6. I think my Rebecca Minkoff is a good trade.
    : : : : I really like it and it has held up well for a semester. You can also get it from anthropologie. it doesn't have the outside pocket but it does have the same "sensible" stying.
  7. Kathleen,
    I was just going to suggest yours! I think it is really similar in terms of vibe, and Minkoff bags are really fantastic, imo!

    Here is the link where Kathleen posted photos of her Minkoff tote:
  8. that carla mancini looks like a nice leather, but somehow the marriage between edith and balenciaga seemd too overwhelming to me.

    the rebecca minkoff is cuter. i love the tote style :P
  9. I have a Club Monaco Killa which has a Chloe look (not the Edith style but uses the same little details as the paddies). The leather is a little hard but it's gotten softer since I've been using it. It's a huge bag, good for those who carry around a lot of paperwork. Here's how it looks on me (I'm 5'2"):
  10. asl_bebes.. that killah rocks! i love it!