Gonna be a rory! Now which one ?

Please choose one:

  • Graphite/berry rory

  • Black rory

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Mar 18, 2012
Have gift cards from Christmas burning a whole In my pocket lol. So I either want an all black rory or the graphite /berry one. What ur thoughts?


Jan 12, 2013
I love the graphite/berry Rory. I bought the black Rory, while it was lovely I just wished I would have waited until the graphite came out. That will be my next addition! Let us know what you decide!!


Oct 31, 2012
Jb32purse said:
Have gift cards from Christmas burning a whole In my pocket lol. So I either want an all black rory or the graphite /berry one. What ur thoughts?
The graphite/berry is heavier but I LOVE the pebbled leather!
Jan 2, 2013
Graphite berry! The SA told me yesterday that this week or next all the graphite berry will be leaving, I want one too, so am going to see if Macy's possibly marks it down, I have seen it in the store there, or use a PCE if it is still there! She said its not going to the outlet, but I have a hard time believing it since the emerald duffle showed up there!


Daughter & Tim Gunn
Aug 21, 2009
Team Tom/Sarah !
I would ask which is your bigger concern: bag weight or color loss.

I have Molly in both graphite/berry and black cherry (ie. the 'regular' smooth legacy leather). And the Molly is basically just a 'shorter' Rory.

In the research I did to make those purchases, as well as in my own personal experience, the graphite/berry is heavier in terms of weight, but also has almost no problems with color loss at the corners, with scratches, or where the short handle hangs down when not being used (near where it's attached to the bag). The regular legacy leather is more likely to have color wear at those spots. That's what I've learned after reading many threads around here, and is also born out by my own experiences.

Yes, I actually do have a couple dots of color loss underneath the back, shorter handle, from pressure of leather against leather when that shorter handle is hanging down. It's up high, right near where the short handle attaches to the bag. It's literally from the wear of "leather pressing on leather". I don't mind it, but it is certainly worth noting. The "regular" legacy leather seems to have only a thin coating of especially dark dye. If that rubs off, it becomes much paler at a very small depth. Hope that makes sense.

BUT, at the same time, my graphite is considerably heavier than the regular leather. The leather feels a little thicker, but it's not just that. The hardware that attaches the short handles seems thicker. And the leather that's rolled into the small handles is also "rolled" together in a different way, that might involve more leather there too. It adds up, and the difference in weight is definitely noticed.

So which are you more worried about? Color loss on corners/stress points/scratches, or weight of the bag on your arm/shoulder? :smile:
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Jan 20, 2012
Black. I love this bag and wear her every day....I am a daily bag changer...but I can't change out of this one. She has no color loss, no signs of wear.....nothing and I have been wearing her every day for 2 months!