Goldensx5 Assorted Bag Collections

  1. I thought it was time to share my handbag goodies with others who enjoy some of the same styles, etc... I've been taking pics & posting here and there in different subforums but thought it would be nice to put them all together and in one place and there is no place better than the 'showcase' to do that. I hope you enjoy viewing them (I have enjoyed collecting them over the years). :smile:

    First two pics are Chanels, the 3rd pic is Gucci, 4th &5th pics are YSL Muses and the 6th,7th & 8th are of Nancy Gonzalez, Judith Leiber and VBH clutches.

    Chanel Smaller sizes.jpg Chanel Larger sizes.jpg

    Gucci.jpg Muse 1.jpg Muse2.jpg

    JL NG and VBH 1.jpg JL NG and VBH 2.jpg JL NG and VBH 3.jpg
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  2. Next set of pics are of Lambertson Truex and Hogan, Tod's, Bottega, LV Damier, LV Epi and then LV Mono pieces. :smile: :smile:

    LT and Hogan.jpg Tods.jpg BV.jpg

    LV Damier.jpg LV Epi.jpg LV Mono.jpg
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  3. And the finale group of pics are of Choo and Fendi, Goyard, Valentino (& my one & only Marc Jacobs), Chloe and Balenciaga. :smile: :smile: :smile:

    Choo and Fendi.jpg Goyard.jpg Valentino and MJ.jpg

    chloe.jpg Balenciaga 1.jpg Balenciaga 2.jpg
  4. WOW, Golden!! :nuts: :nuts:
    You've got a FANTASTIC collection!! Such an array of bags! Love them all - especially the Bbags!! :heart: :heart:
  5. unbelieveable collection!!
  6. WOW, my goodness! Fabulous collection!!
    I'm dying for a MUSE and you have 4!:love:
  7. Is there any way that you can adopt me? I am really clean and have good manners. Hands down the BEST collection I've ever seen. If you ever get tiered of any piece, and I mean any let me know. Just Gorgeous.
  8. Wow, what can I say, I'm very very impressed. Love all your bags....I'm soooo jealous.
  9. omg that is THE best collection of chanel's i've EVER seen. and the paddingtons! wonderful collection!!:nuts: :nuts:
  10. Lovely collection! Your Chanels & Chloe's are TDF!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  11. INCREDIBLE COLLECTION!!!:nuts: You have so many gorgeous bags, but I must say that the Chanels are divine!:love:
  12. WOW! :upsidedown:

    Great collection:nuts: :wlae:
  13. ABSOLUTLEY BEAUTIFUL GUCCI!!!!......heck you whole collection is mouth dropping!!!!!!! beautiful!! lucky you!!
  14. OMG! *faints*
  15. holy crap.... u can open a small boutique with that collection!!!