Golden problem

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  1. Ladies and gents. I hope this is the right place to post this problem.

    I love rings. Most of mine are 18k gold and quite expensive. Now, I wear them daily and don’t want to stop but...I’ve noticed how much they scratch and don’t know what to do about that. Eg. I was wearing T&Co Atlas ring on my thumb and there was this puppy and of course I had to pet it and unfortunately he was a nipper and now my ring has those nasty dents in shape of some of his tiny teeth :-s

    I don’t know what to do about it. I like to use my rings and am not overprotective of them but cant have them damaged either! Is there a special coating that can cover yellow gold jewellery and make it more resistant to scratches? :idea: It might be a bit naive to think there is, but come on surely someone somewhere must have invented such a convenience! :biggrin:
  2. not that I'm aware of, but you can bring your rings in and have them polished occasionally- they'll buff out any scratches and maybe even those puppy teeth marks as long as they're not too deep!
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  3. Maybe 14k gold rings will be more resistant to dings?
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  4. Perhaps but the color just isn’t as great as 18k. All gold will develop a patina. You can always have it buffed but buffing removes some of the metal.
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  5. Hi!

    The only option that comes to my mind is experimenting with different designers/manufacturers. Although, that sadly won't help with the Tiffany ring you already own. And also, precious metals in general are not the most robust/ wear & tear friendly.

    That said, 18k gold is not 18k gold. Depending on the "mixture" used (added manganese, nickel, titanium (...)) and the manufacturing process itself (rolling/milling, heat treatment (...) a piece from brand/jeweler A can be more robust/harder than another piece from brand/jeweler B - within a certain margin.

    Kind regards,
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  6. Thank you all for your suggestions.

    It’s not possible to swap my 18k for 14k now but I will certainly consider buying 14k in the future. The problem is 14k is not popular where I live, shops don’t normally sell it (a lot of 18k, 9k choices though).

    To all the (al)chemists out there, t’s time to invent coating for gold jewellery which would make it less prone to wear&tear! ;)
  7. I would buy rings with a hammered finish, so that the inevitable dings are less noticeable. Elizabeth Locke jewelry is beautiful. The alloy is 19K.
  8. I4K is perhaps very slightly harder than 18K and after a year of wear there will be no difference. Not worth the downgrade from 18K which is usually a much better color.
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