Gold vs silver hardware

  1. Do you guys prefer the gold or silver hardware on black bags? I have yet to see either on any of the black LP bags in person, and I was curious! Thank you!!
  2. Well usually I am a silver person but the gold on LP looks really nice. My fav on LP s that gunmetal though.. :smile:
  3. I like the gold hardware
  4. I usually like silver hardware too, but just got a scotch LP with gold hardware, and love it! The gold isn't bright and flashy, but sort of tarnished look with a slight patina to it. I am really looking forward to the gunmetal though!! It is so nice looking.:heart::heart:
  5. I'm definitely a silver/gunmetal girl - more casual. BUT, I LOVE my small Dylan speedy in Scotch with gold hardware. They go perfectly together!
  6. I also like gunmetal best with black bags, followed by silver and then gold. However, I much prefer gold with colors like LP's Scotch or Tmoro (any brown leather really).
  7. Gold! It makes the bag look more sophisticated IMO.
  8. Gold! It makes black look very classy. I think gunmetal looks pretty great too, though.
  9. I bought a black Mel with gold hardware. It's really cute! I usually lean toward silver, but, suddenly, I have a lot of gold!