GOLD Suhali Le Fabuleux - Help

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Like or too blingy?

  1. Too blingy

  2. Like

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  1. So, I just received this, bought it on ebay.....Part of me likes it, but part of me is scared to wear it because it's so so bright yellow gold and blingy....I need opinions! Thank you so much!:confused1:

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  2. Sorry, this is just my opinion. I think it's a little too "old lady" with the gold. Did they really make a Le Fab in gold?
  3. Yes, in 2003 holiday season, limited edition.
  4. I love it! Wear it out with a subdued outfit and feel confident that you are rocking a unique and gorgeous piece. Congrats on picking one up!
  5. I adore the Le Fab, it is my grail bag........I think the gold is a bit much.
    I'd rather have it in black or white!
  6. I think the Le Fab in a neutral color is "blingy" so the gold is a little too much............
  7. It's totally hot and makes the miroir run for cover.
  8. I think with this type of brightness/blinging going on it is imperative that you wear it along with the correct clothing....where as a more subtle purse is more forgiving as to what outfit you wear carrying it....

    its beautiful and bright and blingy but that is how it is supposed to be! if you likey keep it by all means.....
  9. I think just like a gold Miroir Alma, you have to let the purse stand out and your outfit has to be subtle yet elegant, otherwise - overload.

    But WOW :nuts:
  10. If you wear it with the right outfit I think that it will be gorgeous!
  11. OMG, this is by far the most helpful poll I've ever posted. I guess I really just needed opinions this time badly....I keep flipping back and forth. It seems to look good with a dark brown plain sweater, like you've all been saying....The gold does remind me of the shockingness of the gold Mirroir....And it's kind of cool that the hardware color matches the leather exactly. I think this might take a while to figure out what I think of it....

    Keep the votes and opinions coming, I really appreciate it....:smile:
  12. Totally bling bling.
    Where it with a not so eye catching colourful outfit and your set!

    It's growing on me though each time i look at it

  13. Looooove it. I would wear it with more subtle clothing but I wouldn't get rid of it at all. It's just fabulous!
  14. Love it.. its blingy, but such a hot bag! its very unique!
  15. ITA, the Gold Mirror Alma is abit more blingy' I think, I dont think it being blingy would put me off, the combination of the two 'style and colour' would! :shrugs: