Gold rubbing off from your Luxe Bowler??

  1. I bought a Gold Luxe Bowler in May and was sooo careful with the bag, wouldn't let it touch the floor or let people rub against in the subway or mall (yes, call me paranoid :nuts: )

    Still, within a month's time a lot of the gold was rubbing off on the bottom and CORNERS (especially the parts near the CHAIN!!!) :wtf: I got so worried and scare that it would get much worse that I'd just stoped using the bag all together! It's been sleeping in my closet ever since June. :sad:

    I remembered also seeing the "wear" on several other metalic displays in the boutique. Has this happen to anyone else's metallic Luxe? What did you do with yours? Can the boutique repair it?
  2. oreocat, I'm sorry about your bag, but if you do a search, I think there's already a thread about this.
  3. OH yeah!! Thanks for letting me know!! I finally found it~ (Sorry.. it's my first day in the Chanel forum :P)
  4. no problem, it was probably starting to get old.
    The bottom line is Chanel WILL take care of you regarding this.
    I have a Metallic Black and it's still pristine after months of usage, I think it was just the one color that had issues.
  5. Yes, I think it was just the gold also because I have had no problems at all with my metallic silver bowler and I have been using it since April. Bring it back to the store where it was purchased from!
  6. Hi clk55girl: You're from OC too? I got mine at the Chanel boutique in SouthCoast back in May and haven't carried it since June. I wonder if they will still honor the "recall" after so long?

    BTW, what about the f/w 06-07 gold bowlers? Does anyone know if it still has the same problem or it's been corrected? Thanks!
  7. ^ a few months isn't considered long, you have AT LEAST a year and I don't think Chanel is even too picky about that in this case.
  8. I would definitely take it back. It's too expensive not to be able to use it.
  9. Take it back. I took mine back to Neimans. Neimans sent it to the repair department in New York. I think they were going to try to repair it and return it to me, but I talked them into giving me store credit instead.
  10. Wow.. that's great to know! Thanks girls! Smoothoprter: did they tell you how long the repair was going to be? Because I really love the gold bowler (I would still pick it over anything else they have now) and also it was a b'day gift from my husband so it would be kind of wrong for me to return or get something different. Does anyone know if Chanel has come out with the new and improved version of the gold bowler? that won't rub off? Cuz then I would love to just exchange for one of those!! :yahoo:
  11. Oh.. Just called Chanel and they told me to bring back the purse so they can redye it for me. Hmm.... wonder how that will look?? And how long it'll last :rolleyes:
  12. at least Chanel has great customer service that you wont have to worry about...good luck with your bag
  13. Hi oreocat! Yes, I live in OC also. I ordered my silver bowler from Chanel SoHo in April and the leather is still pristine. I know that there's another SILVER bowler coming out for either cruise or spring 07 with the deerskin leather, not sure about the gold though. See if they can give you a store credit, I think that the warranty is for a year.
  14. I loved my gold bowler too. I was too afraid that if they had repaired it, the gold would just rub off again in a few months.
  15. Smoothoprter, really? So which bag did you get instead? :smile:
    I'll be taking the bag back next month (didn't think i'll be carrying it at all so I just left it at my parent's house... smart eh?) They are going to bring it to CA for me around Thanksgiving time. I wonder what other chanel bags are as cute as this one?? Any suggestions? (Eventho I'd probably still love the gold bowler the MOST!! :love: )

    Btw, thanks sooooooo much for letting me know about the recall. Without u girls, my bowler would still be sitting in the closet weeping :balloon::flowers: