gold plate on the CC is peeling off!!!!

  1. Hello ladies,

    As stated on the title my new jumbo caviar in G/H..had it for less than a month! the CC locking is peeling off....and i mean the gold plate on it...anyone experienced this problem? is my bag a defect?

    pictures are hard as the gold plate is so shiny...but im taking it to the boutique today...i doubt they would replace my bag..but TRY fix a defect bag....sighh....
  2. Where was your bag made?
    This happened to my "Made in Italy" Jumbo after ONE wear, I got it replaced at Saks. I now have the Made in France, but have not used it yet...
  3. probably means there was a quality control glitch in the manufacturing. Yours will not be the only bag that has this happen. Taking it back is the best option. Then Chanel can look back at the process and see what happened and how to prevent it in future.
  4. take it back and let us know what happen....hope thye take responsibility
  5. Does your bag have the 22k hallmark on the CC?

    I just posted that I bought a new black caviar flap with gold hardware (france) and it does NOT have the 22k hallmark on the CC. Besides driving down the value of the bag (as all vintage bag with gold hardware have this hallmark), I'm worried that the missing hallmark means the hardware is not made with 22k gold anymore and thus lower quality. Anyone care to share their opinion on this?

  6. Is it matte gold? I know matte gold does not have the gold plate hallmark. I also notice that without the gold plate hallmark, the plating wears down faster.

  7. it is made in france, i've only used it a handful of times! and i baby my bags =)
  8. Mine had the hallmark stamp and the gold chipped right off!! :tdown:

  9. Good luck with getting this resolved. I hope they'll replace it for you instead of just fixing it and making you wait months for you bag. Let us know what happens.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. Yes, definitely bring it back to the boutique, keep us posted.
  11. So sorry to hear that, I got a brand new one too which I purchased almost 6 months ago but haven't worn it. I think it's also Made in Italy. I better check now.
  12. im so sorry to hear this. isnt it frustrating what this happens to ur babies?

    try to get it exchange and stress about the amount u pay ans this is what u get??

    or maybe they can atleast replace the hardware for u. and they shud do it for free. its not your fault!

    GL and keep us updated!
  13. Hi, Im facing this problem too, to my 1 month old Chanel Caviar jumbo black with Gold hardware!, brought in Galaries lafayette in Paris. The Gold plated paint on the CC claps just chip off! .. i sent it down to Chanel, but they are charging me the repair fees!.
  14. Take your bag to Chanel asap!!!! I hope that you are able to have the bag repaired or replaced free of charge...good luck and keep us posted...
  15. Did you agree to pay the fees? I would have argue with them because their stuffs are so expensive! They have to be worth it. Chanel makes me upset, after hearing about their bags, their costume jewelry... I mean, where is the customer service, mostly right now when they don't even meet their sales goal!!! You ladies should really complain about this.