Gold or Silver Miroir pap? Both?

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  1. My SA just called and told me that my bags are here, and I can go in and get them on Wednesday!!:yahoo:

    I'm so rapt, I was actually losing sleep over the fact that I might miss out given the demand for this line...:P

    I've also put my name down for the speedy but I'll see how I luck out with that:rolleyes: the ladies who have bought/will buy/thinking of buying/wanting to buy the Miroir pap...which colour?
  2. i touched the silver pap yesterday and it wal nice and i also like the speedy in gold they would make great newyears eve present!
    get both if you can afford them if not just get the pap!
  3. misty can i ask when you put your name on the waitlist? and do you know if we are getting any of the pochettes in melbourne?
  4. I think you should get the gold pap, it's so classy and such a cute evening bag :yes: ....but if you can afford both, why not get both? :nuts:
  5. My preference is the gold pap - it is beyond stunning!
  6. I have seen both paps and I def. recommend the gold pap.

    I have seen both speedies and both are equally good. The speedies are a tie.
  7. I have the gold is very cute:heart: I vote for a gold pap:yes: Where are you based?
  8. shalomjude I am in Melbourne.

    randomlily I was placed on the waiting list when I went in to return my groom agenda and I think not that long ago? Perhaps first week of November? I didn't actually ask about the pochette as I wasn't going to get any, but I can ask for you on Wednesday. Are you on the list for any of the lines?

    And ladies when I said both I meant both paps...the speedy's not even in the equation:P
  9. I saw them both. I'd say Gold Pap and Silver Speedy.
  10. if ur gonna get a speedy i'd say go for silver, the gold is just too gold for bigger bags like spedy

    but for papillon, the gold is it!! it's not too gold cuz the bag is just a little one, if u know what i mean :smile:
  11. :yes: That was actually the combination I had in mind

    ITA, I don't think I can imagine carrying the gold definitely would be a little too gold for me...:rolleyes:
  12. i prefer gold :yes:
  13. Thanks for that. No i didnt go on any lists as i didnt think i would be able to get one because i didnt start wanting one till begining of October, and assumed id be too late already. Aww i wish i had though, since you got a call for both :crybaby: . Do you know if they are released officially in melbourne yet? Some people said they wont be till the 9th (when the event is) but you were told you can pick them up on wednesday...
    ohh and about your paps, if you cant get both :drool: , i thnk you should get the gold one
  14. Well Melissa (the SA) said that I can go and have a look at them at the Crown event...which is on the 6th, so this Wednesday? Maybe they released early:shrugs: She said she has both there for me to look at...I can also ask for you what the waiting list for the pap is like if you want:yes:
  15. i might run down there tomorrow actually. thanks for the info, prehaps i DO have a chance afterall!! :nuts: lets see if there is anything i could get
    i wish i had have askd about it ages ago when i first heard about it, but i have just started to love it after all the hype on here:Push: