gold balenciaga?

  1. i'm so sorry if this is located somewhere else...

    now, i;m a fan but i'm no expert so...

    here goes nothing!

    is there such a thing as a gold balenciaga bag??

    i would think not picturing the color of the hardware clash (being silver n' such), but who knows.

  2. Do you mean a metallic gold? If so, then no, there hasn't been one made. I did see a lady here in Holland carrying one though but it was extremely fake.
  3. A gold metallic color would be nice, especially with all the new gold and silver bags coming out for this up and coming seasons!
  4. The closet thing Balenciaga has made to gold would be the metallic bronze from '05, like Pink's:


    A GOLD would be really nice...
  5. i agree, a gold balenciaga would be great!

    and with the gold harware coming out...

  6. I've seen gold copies. But not a real gold one.