Going to Vegas next week, anyone know stock at NM Fashion Show mall?

  1. Also, does Barneys in Palazzo carry Bbags? I am excited for this trip as I love shopping in Vegas! Just not excited about the hot weather. Anyone have updates? Also anyone can recommend good places to eat? We'll be going to Mesa Grill, Emeril's Fish House, and Koi, so far. I want to find out where the best brunch is. Anyone tried the breakfast buffet at the Bellagio?
  2. All the food at the Paris Buffet is TDF. It's not your typical buffet, it's very upscale. They have authentic French food and deserts. YUM! It's pricey so go for lunch and you probably won't need to eat again (maybe a snack later, depending on how late you're out).

    I can't help you with the shopping but I hope you have fun. If you go to Barneys, be sure to ask for Keni, she's super sweet.

    Have fun!
  3. Thanks imonpurseblog! I've been to that Paris buffet! That's the one with the crepes right? Yummy! Ok, we just might have to go there for brunch then just wait for dinner then. I also like Noodles at the Bellagio. Any other suggestions?
  4. I was in NM last night.........they never have much. What are you interested in and I can remember if they had it. I know they had a black city with GSH, a saddle day with GSH, turquoise days with GSH and GGH, some bags with covered hardware. Barney's has a some, too......not that great either. I'm from Vegas and I get mine from Bal LA if that helps. The selection isn't great here.
  5. I'm no help on the stock at nm or Barneys, but I always enjoyed eating at the vodoo cafe on top of the Rio. Great food, view, and atmosphere!