Going to Vegas (but just for a few hours)

  1. I am going to Vegas on Sat.

    I will be flying from Los Angeles to Vegas on the first flight and then coming home on the last flight. I am going to go visit my Grandmother in the hospital.

    Since I will have only about 4 extra hours between visiting her and flying home. Where is the best shopping for such a limited time?
  2. The shops at ceasars Palace.:tup:
  3. The Forum Shops or the Fashion Mall (I think that's what it's called LoL) accross from the Wynn.
  4. i would go to the fashion show mall and/or ceasars palace forums shops... have a good trip ;)
  5. check out the Mini-lin dune if you haven't done so already!
  6. depends on what you want.

    I love Caesars. The mall is incredible and has just about every high end designer shop that you could want. I tend to actually buy more at the Fashion Show Mall though. If you want to go to LV or Chanel I would recommed going accross the street to the Wynn as its quieter and you get better service i think.

    If I had 4 hours my plan would be 2 hours at Caesars, and hour at the Fashion show and finish it off at the Wynn. If you want a quick lunch there is the stage deli at Caesars that is good and quick. If you are in a shop till you drop grab and go mode there is a food court at the top of the fashion show mall.

    Have fun and I hope your grandmother gets better
  7. Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace or the Fashion Mall on the strip.
  8. I did that the other day at the Rodeo Drive store:tup:

    Now I am just waiting for my Anniversary gift ;) in a few weeks. And if it is just like like most other Birthdays/Anniversaries. He forgets what I want and then I go buy it for myself the next day. :p
  9. I do like the LV at Caesar's, the SA's were very nice and helpful. I did go the LV at Fashion Show Mall and I think that mall has a Saks and NM. Then the Wynn is across the street. I hope your grandma feels better soon.
  10. caesar's palace and fashion show mall!
  11. Fashion Mall for sure and right across street is the Wynn, do NOT talk to a cabdriver named Robert. Seriously.
  12. I would go to Forum shops at Caesars!! (Wish I could go to :crybaby:). IMO i think the selection of shops (and food) are better.
  13. ALL HAIL CEASERS!! hehe its my top choice and i ALWAYS come home with TONS of goodies!

    hope ur grandma is better and u get tons of goodies
  14. First, I hope your grandma gets better!

    Second, the one in Caesar's Palace is NICE. I love their shoe selection.
  15. I really like the one at Caeser's!
    I second Stage Deli for food-the pastrami there is the only time I eat beef!