Going to the Outlets today

  1. Down in Sawgrass....... and since I just bought my new beautiful hippie I don't think I'll be buying another bag...... HOWEVER(a little off topic now) a couple months ago everyone knows they dropped the price of the iPhone and they gave everyone that bought one before that a $100 giftcard to apple, well my Fiance took both his AND mine, so he said he owed me $100 towards the purchase of a new bag, which he almost got away with until I remembered yesterday. :graucho: Sooooo I'm going to stretch a hundred bucks and see what kind of accessories I can get. I'll post back with the findings later!!!!!!;)
  2. Have fun.
  3. I usually see cute wristlets and scarves on sale. The charms were only 9.99 last week (but they have the silver hardware)