Going to Rosaritos!!

  1. has anyone gone to Rosaritos?? I'm bring my dog with us because I dont have anyone to watch him. So does anyone know the complications and such of crossing back to the border. anyone have any suggestions for me to go to?? Eating places, drinking, dancing, shopping. Is it really dangerous?? I will be with friends of at least 10 people. can we bring food over there??? thanks

  2. Hi Angie!

    I actually live about 30 miles south of Rosarito, in Ensenada. I have not actually partied in Rosarito, but I can answer some of your questions.

    You should not have any problems coming back across the border with your dog...but, I would bring any paper work you have on him/her with you (copies of the latest shots, etc.).

    PAPA'S N BEER! We have one here and it is soooo much fun! And the one in Rosarito is twice as big and is right on the beach. I know that there are a couple of good other places to go out, but I don't know their names.

    It is a little dangerous there. One of the reasons I have not gone up is because it would just be my sister & I and that worries me. But, since you will be in a large American group you should be fine. Just keep your "feelers" up!! :smile: And try to stay together as a group.

    We bring food down from San Diego all of the time, so that is not a problem. I just wouldn't bring any Fruit because they are very particular about Fruit being brought down. They used to have a check point on the freeway.

    Anyways...I hope you have a fabulous time!!!! Party Hard!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  3. agree with the above! stay in your group. and by all means, leave all your expensive bags at home. not to scare you too much but I will never drive into Mexico anymore. I prefer to fly to wherever I'm going now. but as stated before, you are with a group so you will be fine. is there really no one you can leave your doggy with? I don't think I would bring mine. They could hassle you or detain him or who knows what. (just the "mom" coming out in me....)
  4. Make sure you look up the rules from bringing your dog across the border! A lot of places require vaccination records and some kind of statement of ownership, others require a quarrentine period. I'm not sure what it is for Mexico. Make sure you look at the regulations for entering Mexico, but also entering the U.S. since you'll be doing both!

    You might also want to look into what kind of diseases and parasites are common in animals in Mexico. You don't want your dog to get sick from the water.

    It might be best to call your vet and see if he can suggest a kennel or a pet sitter near your home. They're usually decently priced, and you'll have the peace of mind knowing your pet is safe.
  5. Bring LOTS of bottled water!!!!!!
  6. thanks guys....Now I'm scared bring my lil pom. I might just ask a co-worker to doggy sit him. Can we bring alcohol to mexico? should we bring lots of cash or do they have Bank of america atm's?
  7. careful with the puppy....I took mine to Canada and I had to bring proof of ownership, plus have a bunch of papers signed by the vet for his rabies and stuff.
  8. Yeah, you'll be less stressed if your doggy stays here.
    Theres plenty of alcohol in Mexico. People actually bring it back here! And bring travellers checks. They probably do have ATMs too (haven't been to Rosaritos in a while) but maybe you should call your hotel and make sure.
  9. When I lived in San Diego I went to Rosarito and Ensenada a lot. Definitely do not bring the dog. It is too much hassle and would be really bad if you couldn't bring him back into the US after the weekend.

    Bring money - from my experience pretty much everywhere will take dollars so don't worry about changing money. There are plenty of ATMs but I don't think there are any Bank of America. If you go on the main road - I think it is Blvd Benito Juarez there are ATMs and lots of shopping there. Also - I remember a craft market with lots of souvenir-like items - not sure if it is still there though.

    Alcohol is pretty cheap in Mexico so I would just buy it there instead of lugging it with you. But definitely bring bottled water - it will be a lot cheaper if you bring it with you instead of buying it there. As for food - I think the only thing that is restricted is produce. I know you can't bring any produce back into the US. I've brought it into mexico before and never got stopped but it is not worth the hassle if you do get stopped and have you car searched because you brought produce in.

    As for the party scene - Papas & Beer and Senor Frogs are good places to hang out, dance, etc. Other things to do include the beach, shopping, fishing, etc.

    Have a great time!!!!! I wish I was still in SD instead of Boston :smile: