Going to Paris

  1. I am heading to Paris this weekend on business. Anyone know the best place to look for bbags??
  2. Have fun and post pics of your "presents" when you get back:yes:
  3. I heard from someone on the chloe board that the sales are going on right now :party:

    anyone know if there are bbag deals to be found????
  4. The mothership...BalParis!!
    But I like the service at Printemps better! Ask for Claire.
  5. I agree (and let us know what pre collection color with what HW they have in both places if you can:shame: )
  6. Have a great time in Paris:yahoo:

    I am going to Paris on 22nd February. I am hoping that maybe by then Anthracite will be available in Paris?? I am not sure when 2007 2 colours come out.
    Anyone know?:confused1:
  7. Aw....I'm sooo jealous!!! I just LOVE Paris!! There's nothing like buying a handbag there! I've only bought BBags from Bal Paris but I know there are other great options - I'm not going back until the summer but I was there in September and it was as fabulous as always...have a fantastic time!!!!!
  8. Anthracite should be here in march...but maybe you'll have luck :yes: !!!
    I hope so:yes: !!
  9. IMO, Printemps is also the best place to have Bbags:yes: !!!
    Especially now they have a new big corner !!
  10. Oh! So close! :sad:

  11. fromparis, where is Printemps located? Do they carry as much as BalParis does?

  12. larnette, it's on Boulevard Haussmann, right next to Galeries Lafayette. Metro stop is Chausée D'Antin - Lafayette, I believe. Printemps has their own Balenciaga nook and when I went in November they had a few selections. But since it's sale time now, they could very well have brought out more stuff.

    green_eggs are you in Paris now? How's the shopping going?

    I have to agree with what the rest have said, Printemps shopping is the best and the SAs are very nice. I was even complimented on my French! hahahah... Do stop at Ladurée inside the department store for some macarons and other dessert items. Much less crowded than the ones at Champs Elysées and Rue Royale.

  13. Thanks eucalyptic! I know exactly where that's at! Now, I jsut need to get back to Paris! ;)