: Going to LV tomorrow .... which one should I get? :


Which one would you get?

  1. Black MC Ursula

  2. White MC Ursula

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  1. Hello Everyone! :welcome:

    I am taking a trip to the LV Boutique tomorrow to buy an MC Ursula. :yahoo: The only problem is I don't know which color to get .... WHITE MC or BLACK MC. :shrugs: Hmmmmm ....

    The only LV bag I own is a Black MC Speedy. So should I get a White MC so I can have something different? Or should I stay safe and get a Black MC so I won't have to worry about getting anything dirty?

    Ahhhhh! Decisions, Decisions. :push:

    In all honesty, which one would YOU get?

    Thanks in advance gang! :biggrin:
  2. Since you already have a Black MC, I'd go for something a little different and get the white.
  3. And it's beautiful outside, a white mc would be great for this weather ! :yes:
  4. White
  5. Black MC!!!
  6. black MC!!!! but either one I will be satisfied lol ;)
  7. i think the white mc ursula is absolutely gorgeous!! i'm in :heart: with it!! the white, to me, just looks really sleek and puuurty! hehe .. plus it's summer time .. and that white bag will be fabulous! good luck with the decision!
  8. since you have black, i would go for the white.
  9. The white is stunning. I have both black and white MC and have to admit I love the white more!
  10. i think the black is hawt and more chic than the white in the ursula. either way, you can't go wrong really. ;)
  11. I vote for white, that way you will have some of each colour.:smile:
  12. I love the white, it is crisp and perfect for this weather, then transition back to the black
  13. I like the black better. I would be too worried about discoloration of the white, and I think that the colors "pop" out more on the black.
  14. I like a variety, so definitely WHITE!
  15. I am a big fan of black MC... go for black!