Going to London this weekend and thinking of picking up this Tiffany's charm bracelet

  1. but I really can't decide whether I want this or the heart tag necklace :sad:

    Help! :sad: lol
  2. I like the top one! :tup:

    Have fun in London
  3. thanks :smile: I'm still trying to bag myself a beetle btw :sad: lol
  4. I like both, which do you think you will be able to wear more? Im leaning more towards the necklace because I personally think i would wear it more. Have fun in London!

  5. Let me know if you want any help! :yahoo:
  6. i find the toggle neclace hangs funny. i got the one wout the toggle and love it. but i also love that bracelet!
  7. OPen hear necklace is pretty on!! But get them all!!! I love the weight of the chains on..
  8. I have the first bracelet you posted but I don't have the lock charm on it. I wore it everyday this past week. I tried on the toggle necklace at the store, but it didn't hang right on me. But the bracelet is very easy to wear with almost everything. I love how I can add charms to it later. The elsa peretti heart you posted is pretty, too. I love the simplicity of it. Have fun shopping!
  9. I have th etop one and the second one and love both!You can nt loose either way.
  10. The charm braclet is gorgeous! I think it's very distinctive, and it'll be hard to find another one like it. The necklace is pretty, but it seems like you could find another one that's almost exactly the same another day. I'd go with the bracelet, but whichever you decide on, you really can't lose.
  11. I love Tiffany & Co, I have the necklace and the round tag bracelet and wear them a lot, if I had to choose just one though I would go for the bracelet....it will go with everything and you can admire it yourself as you can see it whilst your wearing it (unlike the necklace) :tup:
  12. I'll go for the bracelet for now. I have both the bracelet and the open heart Elsa Peretti necklace.. I love them both.
  13. I like the first and second ones. Just choose which you'll wear more! Are you more a bracelet or necklace girl?