Going to kill DH and YES, this is COACH related

  1. So I have the shipping confirmation that my new babies have arrived and are patiently waiting to be picked up at BILs house (always ship there, someone always home).

    DH says he will pick up on Monday.............. tick tock tick tock


    I forgive and remind him today - box still at BILs, please remember


    He Forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Grrrrrrrr! Oh well forgive him. Next time tell him the box has power tools in it. It is a tool which gives you power ;)
  3. Oh men!!! That's just how they are!!
  4. I might just have to mismatch his socks while folding laundry
  5. I'd just offer sex in exchange for the package. I guarantee I'd have that package, er, both packages by the days end! :roflmfao:
  6. Blush
  7. :graucho:
    Totally a win/win situation with that one!!!
  8. Heh heh..:graucho: this or power tools suggestion should light a fire under him!
  9. Love it - you are all wild!!!
    There will be pics tomorrow............................. of the goodies...................

    The COACH goodies :smile:
  10. ^^^ THIS! So true. You just made my day. :lol:

    I can't ever trust the BF to pick up my packages for me. And he's always asking me "where's that package..." when he's waiting for something to arrive. Tsk.
  11. You ladies are naughtaaay!
  12. LMAO.

    When my bf says "I forgot," it really means:

    "I don't care."
    "I didn't feel like it."
    "I'll do it later."
    "I wanted to do something else."

    It never means he legit forgot, because he remembers $#!t I did that pissed him off two years ago, lol.
  13. Amen! I explained that to my sons years ago. Just don't know if they heard me :biggrin:
  14. OH, JESUS, I have to end everything I ask this one to do with, "YOU HEAR ME?" I get the wave off, followed by the, "yeah, yeah," then when the time comes to do it.

    "I FORGOT."

    No you frickin' didn't. I know how you are. You remembered. You just want to piss me off.

    Oh, have you ever "forgotten" something they want? It's annoying. Made breakfast one day and he comes to eat it. "We don't have Toaster Strudel?" He tries to make it look like he is only asking an innocent question, but I know he knows the answer.

    This makes my bf sound like an @$$. But trust me. I laugh at these things, because it is quite funny sometimes.
  15. Lol!! I totally know what you mean!