going to Coach outlet this week. anything good at the stores?

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  1. I'm going to the Coach outlet this week. anything good at the stores?

    any good sales lately??

    what should I expect there?

    and what days are best to go?
  2. I went with a friend yesterday. She got a large p/w tote and an agenda. Most of the bags were 20% off and some was 30% off. They have a lot of suede bags, patchwork, pebbled leather and soho flaps. I also noticed some white poppy bags.
  3. it's usually best to go during the weekdays. weekends at outlet stores are usually madness, especially when it's this close to the holidays. the coach outlets i've been to are usually pretty big in size and have a lot of good stuff for a reasonably cheaper price. have fun!
  4. Best day to go is Thur AM - sales changes Wed night into Thur.
  5. ooo thanks.
  6. if you see any black lurex wristlets or grey satin framed wristlets.. please let me know!
  7. I did notice lots of black lurex at Hershey PA outlet....didn't see the satin framed wristlets...but I was actually trying NOT to shop.