Going to Chicago, where can I buy an authentic Bbag???

  1. Hello ladies,

    I bought my first authentic Bbag (prespring 06 cornflower blue) on Ebay. I'm crazy in love with it! Thanks to all those who help me authenticate it. Anyways, I'm going to Chicago, and I was wondering if there are any stores that you girls know of that sell authentic Bbags. I heard Nordstrom might, but I'm not sure. Buying another one on Ebay would be a pretty nerve-wracking experience. When I bought the previous one, I was freakin' about it until I actually had it in my hands!

    Swtmagnolias:heart: :heart:

    Here's a pic of my baby. I :heart: it so much. Its kinda crazy! :shame:

  2. Barneys and Blake in the city or Shirise in Glencoe. I think those are the only places.
  3. congrats that such a lovely cornflower
  4. Beautiful! I :heart: cornflower!!!! :love:
  5. Welcome Swtmagnolias! :flowers: Congratulations on your first bbag purchase!! Your cornflower blue is gorgeous!!
  6. Whatever you do don't buy from BLAKE. I have heard horror stories about them.
  7. Like what? I have never been there.
  8. I don't have a rec, but congrats on that beautiful Cornflower!!! It's a gorgeous color! :smile:
  9. I am from the area as well as chigirl, what stories? I've never purchased a Bbag from them but have purchased clothing and shoes and they were great. Are the bags poor quality?
  10. A friend of mine bought something from there, they sent her the wrong item and when my friend called to tell them they tried to give her a store credit for $3000.00 instead of a refund! They refused to return her money because they didn't want to lose the sale. Then they said they would refund then they denied saying they would etc. She had to fight the charge with her credit card company to get her money back.
  11. Whenever I call Blake's, they are always SO rude!
  12. so funny, they were rude to me last time i called. i have never been to the store. wonder if they are nicer in person.
  13. Love your cornflower blue First!:love:
  14. No they're not!
  15. I've never had any experience with Blake, but Barneys has always been nice! Probably your best bet unless you feel like driving out to Glencoe. Just an FYI, tax in downtown Chicago is 9% which can sorta be a pain on large purchases. Have a fun trip!!