Going gray at 13 years old????????? wtf?

  1. Hey guys

    As you know, I just turned 13....

    I have just found 10 white hairs on my head....


    Is this normal??

    At first i thought, okay thats okay......but when you look close enough, at the very tips of my hair strands they are blonde (I have black hair)

    Please help!!
  2. That does seem young ... I started going gray around 26 or so (thank goodness for hair color!). Do you get a regular physical every year? Do you think it could be something medical? If not it could be hereditary. Did your parents go gray at a young age?
  3. I wouldn't worry too much. Everybody gets a few white hairs. (even if you're only 13) It's just not that noticeable unless you have black hair.
  4. I think it depends largely on your genetics. I just got a few grays (I'm 24), and my mom claims she started going gray at the same age.

    I'd get checked by a doctor though. If they aren't exactly gray, but more like blonde, it could be a sign of malnutrition.
  5. Unfortunately I had a few gray hairs too starting from middle school. Usually it's hereditary :sweatdrop:
  6. My step mum was totally white at 15, and she's always looked fantastic!
  7. Its hereditary, did your mom go gray early? I a 38 and dont have one....my mom didnt get any until late 30's. Check with your pediatrician next check up if your worried.
  8. Like everyone who has posted before me said, I think it's hereditary and best to check with your Mum. A couple of my Aunties went grey in their early 20's and it's more common than you might think.
  9. Yes it is hereditary a friend of mine her mom and all her siblings were grey mid twenties.
  10. Again, it's hereditary, but it can vary, too. My mom didn't get any until late 30's-early 40's. Her brother, on the other hand, had white hair in high school. There's always hair color.
  11. Yes, I have heard of that happening. Like everyone has said it's hereditary. The woman on What Not to Wear---Stacey London--has a grey streak in the front of her hair and it developed when she was 13.
  12. I remember a boyfriend I had back in high school would always complain to me because he was getting gray hair. I thought it was all in his head but it WAS salt and peppery looking. It's hereditary. Thank goodness for hair dye!
  13. Since you're 13, it can be linked to your hormones and I'm sure they are raging and if not, give them a few months and they will be!!!
  14. ive had a bunch of greys once in awhile in middle school..

    more odd.. i had one when i was a couple months old.. my grandma told my mother not to pluck it because it ment i had a guardian angel. my mom didnt listen and she plucked it..

    the very next day, it grey hair came back. in the exact same spot. at the exact same length. HAHA
  15. guys my mom said that she turned gray around her teens (not totally gray though)

    should i dye my roots?