Going dark.... Need help

  1. My natural hair color is med-dark brown (level 3)
    I've been coloring my hair blonde/ basically tons of hi-lights or thick chunks of blonde. I've been doing this for so long I cant remember what i look like with dark hair.
    I would like to go dark/ nice toffee color. what is the best way to do this? Should I just have low lights put in and see how i like having darker hair before going all the way and not liking it?

    My worry is that with a full head of dark my completion changes and my wardrobe doesnt work. I've done the dark thing myself (at home)and may face looks red and sun burnt. So i was hoping that going with a salon (i need my roots done anyway) and putting low-lights they can still keep some light around my face.

    Any ideas ?
  2. I think your thoughts about getting lowlights first are wise. Once your hair is dark, it is damaging to bleach the colour out, so it's a good idea to be sure before you darken your entire head of hair.

    What about trying on a wig first? That might let you experience having dark hair, and you can see how you feel. Be prepared to need more colour on your face, as dark hair can make you look washed out. I wouldn't worry about changing your wardrobe to suit "the new hair"--how about getting a few colourful scarves to add colour around your face?

    I have soft black hair, and I love it. Good luck with your decision!
  3. I agree about trying on wigs and also getting a consultation in a salon for a big change like this. Starting with lowlights is a smart choice and allows your eye to get used to you with your new color!

    If prior dark colors made you look ruddy or sun burnt, it's possible it wasn't quite the right shade. You could also look into a brow tint or different eyebrow pencil depending on the shade of your brows?

    On a side note, the one celeb I think of who went blonde to brunette gradually and looked stunning in the process was Giuliana DePandi, the E! news anchor. Anyone remember her as a blonde? Now she's a stunning brunette!

    Good luck! :flowers:
  4. thanks for the input. I never thought about the scarves/or trying a wig.
  5. I generally have my brows tinted anyway since i dont have many. But I think low -light might be the way to go. Also like you say maybe the dark color i was going wasnt the right shade, that makes a big difference.

    thanks for your input.
  6. I did essentially what you are talking about. I had like 3 different weaves in and was light, it finally occured to me I looked like hell. So, I went all dark, one color, which was scary because I did not want to look like dark helmet head girl. But, we did a dark coffee (no cream or sugar..) and it looks great. You might want to play with the cut too, some layers can give the color a different look. Also remember that the dark color will look different on the highlights until they get totally covered.
  7. I was thinking of shoulder length bob, just to give myself a good cut. I need to be able to put my hair up. I'll have a chat with the stylist and see what she thinks. But i think just the low-lights might be my safest route at first.
  8. I agree Bag fetsih...I have hi-lighted hair...I get a full head every 6 weeks...I went dark last fall and went straight to brown. I hated it. The change was too drastic for me. I had a hard time getting my makeup to look right, and every time I looked in the mirror I just had this feeling of..who the hell is that:wtf: lol Do some low lights and ease into it. I also found that it went kind of reddish after a few weeks..on the pieces that were blonde before. I think it will be way healthier for your hair to do it in stages...AND you can get used to it slowly. (then no issues with clothes.makeup) Let us know how it goes!
  9. I just did this so I can tell you my experience. My hair had tons of highlights in them for years

    I loved my dark hair the first time it was dyed..

    Quick rule of thumb: semi's are good, just don't go too dark. Maybe a shade lighter than your target color. Porous ends will suck up the color a lot! Plus then it's not too hard to highlight over later.

    The second time it was dyed, it was WAY toooo dark.. so now i'm going back to highlights which i'm happy about because they'll all be fresh ones..

    So i think after you get it dyed the first time, then maybe you can go get low lights afterwards.. plus as you wash your hair the dye will come out and your hair will lighten up slightly.

    It went w/ my wardrobe perfectly.. gave it a different look. However, I did have to change my makeup!!! Let me know how it works!!
  10. See thats my issue, I wear a lot of pinks in the summer and tend to wear my t-shirts through most of the winter. I am now just getting into khaki green and and brown and i'm worried that they wont look right with dark hair. I have found that when i've gone dark (at home) I looked very washed out and my clothes looked Eww wrong on me. So i thought with low lights at first it wouldnt be so shocking. Plus she'd be able to leave a little blonde on top and around my face.
    I think with the cut about 2inches of the back with help the health of my hair too.
  11. That sounds perfect....When I feel like Im getting alittle too blonde I get low lights...its a great look. I cant wait to see how you like it! It will be a nice change for fall. (sounds like we like the same colors!!!)I love my pinks and brown, Olive etc...
  12. thank you for your post. See i'm thinking with low lights right now and over the winter it will be a nice change and give my hair some rest. then come summer I can do some hi-lights just on top. This helping the condition of my hair.
    Like you say going at it slow will help with the transition of my clothing. I just dont want to hate it and have to go light and fry my hair.

    there are so many people i've see with dark hair and it looks great. I'm just scared.