Goach and Kathy all in one day

  1. Recently I was strolling around minding my own hot business and to my surprise I found GOACH luggage at Ross of all places. I mean the "G's" are undeniable. Too hot to handle.

    Then I went to another store and tada...Kathy got buckwild with her newest fashions.

    A hot mess all around! The only thing that would have made my day better is if Chris Hanson from Dateline popped out of a corner and asked me why I was staring at Kathy bags with wonder. Kinda like, "to catch a predator," but actually more like, "to catch a kathy."
    browngoach.jpg pinkgoach.jpg sexykathy.jpg
  2. I remain committed to my contention that I'm only carrying one of those bags if I'm drunk and lose a bet.:wtf:
  3. You know you want that hotness, it would be even better with a leopard and flower print!
  4. Ick! I hate seeing those "Goach" bags! What is a Kathy?
  5. Kathy= Kathy Van Zeeland, mistress of leopard and rhinestones
  6. OMG Awesome you are tooo funny! I went to the county fair last night and was inundated with Kathy's.. they were everywhere, and i'm thinking those must be heavy with all that STUFF dangling from them!!!
  7. *rummages through closet*...

    "Where did I put those animal print leggings? They go so well with my black polka-dot spandex skirt...."
  8. My 12 year old daughter and I always have fun with the Kathy Van Zeeland bags when we go to Marshalls or TJMaxx. We model them and laugh our heads off. My daughters Girl Scout leader has a few of them, and she thinks they are high class.

    Kathy Van Zeeland has no taste at all.

    Forgot to add, that the amount of noise her bags make is incrediable. All that crap jingiling would drive me bonkers.
  9. LOL - I saw an equally awful Goach "Ali" in the mall the other day. Truly fug. All those G's and plastic-y "leather-like" trim - :yucky:
  10. Ahhh!
    My eyes, THEY BURN.

    Okay, if someone had a Goach handbag, of course theyd get funny looks, especially from me.
    But if someone would pay for THAT MUCH OF GOACH on a fugly rolling suitcase, they deserved to be beat down with a stick.
  11. && is it just me, but does it look like the Gs have some Os mixed in with them too?
    Its like having 'GO' printed all over a bag.
  12. What's so sad is my mom loves Kathy. She discovered Marshall's the other weekend and told me all the great Kathy's she got. BLECH! She usually buys them full price off QVC. She got me one once for the birthday it's brown and has a giant gold heart shaped buckle with a big old rhinestone in it. Ugliest f'ing thing I ever saw. I just smiled and said, "Thanks mom."

    It's too bad we live so far apart I can't do much to help her tastes. I have just become a fan of coach and might have to introduce her to her first coach bag for Christmas this year. :yes:
  13. I've seen the Kathy bags on QVC. *LOL* Ugh. They're so hideous. I just don't like them at all. Not my personal taste. It amazes me that people buy Kathy bags on QVC too, especially when the MAXX New York ones are SO much better.
  14. Oh, the horror! A GOACH Ali!! That's just horrendous to think that there's some hideos creature out there parading as an Ali. It's Goachnstein's monster! EEEKK!

    I saw a Goach scribble bag and it was pretty darn scary too! Why pay $20 - $30 on that when you can get a cute little Target bag?