Go Kelly Go!!!

  1. Attention all Kelly fans out there...this thread is for you!

    Due to the huge success of the "Ode To The Bolide" thread, there have been numerous requests to create a Kelly thread of the same nature. Please feel free to post anything regarding the fabulous Kelly in this thread. It can be pictures of Kellys, articles, new information you would like to share, and pretty much anything that peaks your interest.
    Most of all, show your love for "THE KELLY"!:drool: :love: :heart:
  2. Quite simply, my black box GH Kelly is the epitome of classic elegance. It just cannot be topped (since croc doesn't do anything for me). I just know that whereever I go with her, whoever I meet, I will always have the BEST purse.
    Don't get me wrong, I like the look of the Birkin and other H bags too and can drool over them all day long but at the end of the day I already own the best bag that Hermes ever made.
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  3. I'm a huge Kelly fan, too. So far I have not been bitten by the Birkin bug... Whoa! that's a lot of alliteration!!

    I love the Kelly but I have a very casual lifestyle, so someday I hope to have a very casual retourne (souple) mou Kelly... :love:
  4. :love: :love: :love:

    Black Chamonix Kelly Elan,
    Pair of vintage Kelly's (32cm Black Box/Toile and 28cm Porosus Havanne Croc)
    and my beautiful lady at 32cm with gold hardware......:heart:
    Kelan1.jpg Vintage.jpg _MG_3123V2.jpg
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  5. Great threads KB! Okay, I've only got one in the stash at the moment, but she is my pride and joy--my 28cm Dalmation (Dalmation 106 to be exact!) Retourne Kelly w/PH in Buffalo Skipper. The overall look and finish of this bag is marvelous (to me at least)--the white is almost a pearlescent grey so the overall look looks like metallic gunmetal grey.
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  6. i'm sorry....you're probably sick of seeing this kelly all throughout this forum but it's my new favorite. my 32 kelly white clemence with toile and PH :

  7. LOVE this thread, KB!

    When I get home I'll see what I can add. :smile:
  8. Anything and everything is welcome here...don't worry...it is the perfect spot to post what you love about Kellys. Just have fun!
  9. I love Kellys because you can dress them up or down!!! Perfect for the day and evening. The shoulder strap also comes in handy!
  10. KALLIE.......how about something like this???? This is a Noisette Retourne Kelly in Gulliver which is now Swift. These are nice and casual.....I use this one quite a bit here in Berserkeley......it's SUPER casual here!!!!
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  11. I saw ORCHIDS Dalmation in person and that bag is really stunning IRL. Pictures do NOT do it justice!
  12. I love, love my Kelly. 32cm togo black

    Can't wait to get my next one which is going to have to be an......ahem...... black... box 28cm.

    Here are some pics of my dahling....:love:
    k1.jpg k2.jpg purse1.jpg a1.jpg hermes2.jpg
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  13. Sadly i dont own one but it is in my opinion the most beautiful bag Hermes made. I would definitely pick the kelly over any other H bag. It has this special classy vibe to it which reallllyy attracts me.I can spot one in a huge crowd :drool:
  14. Some of my fav Grace Kelly (with Kelly) pics:
    1610249.jpg AUR05338.jpg get_preview.php.jpg Grace Kelly.JPG gracekelly-1.jpg