GO GET IT!!! Slick Red Rana Bags on SALE!!!

  1. Casey from the Chicago store just emailed me with the following Information:

    FYI, we just received two of the Rana bag in Red Slick Calf, which is on sale for $1173.00

  2. I know that when I recently purchased my Slick Black Ramona from ScoopNYC in Las Vegas, they had a Rana there on sale too but I don't know the price...
  3. ^^The Rana was on sale for $699. According to the SA at ScoopNYC, the larger one was $799. I didn't realize there were two sizes?? Anyway, they had black ones if anyone wants them. I also got my Ramona there thanks to bonnie!!!:yahoo:
  4. OMG!
    thats an awesome price!