Go away, trolls! Help me report...

  1. I just noticed some strange posts with links to bad fakes by songysia. :tdown: i don't know how to report...can someone help me, please?
  2. tell me what to do I will help. These people need to stop!
  3. :cursing:Tell me what to do I will help. These people need to stop!
  4. To report a post, click on the red triangular icon with the exclamation point in it below the member's name. Does that make sense?
  5. Thanks, Melly! That troll even posted in this thread about her... :yucky:
  6. i reported! kinda bad when that fakeo replies to a post outing her as a troll. esp since her little attempt makes no sense
  7. ridiculous.
  8. Just hold tight! We will get rid of teh troll momentarily.

    In the meantime, if you ever want to report a troll, just PM a mod or use the [​IMG] icon to report the post. Thanks!
  9. Just did it! Thanks!
  10. i've deleted all of that particular member's posts and banned her, and i'm working on banning her other possible aliases.
  11. Thank you! :flowers:
  12. Thanks amanda!! She's been popping up all over the place. The audacity..! :noggin:
  13. she is back!
  14. Yup, def back! has been posting in the Chanel thread also.
  15. sonflgxa <-- that is the new name :throwup: