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Jun 8, 2008
can sarah palin really see russia from her house? i just came home and turned conin on and they were saying that and i couldnt figure out if its true.

i really hope this isnt political, if it is please delete. and please dont turn it into a political thread, im just a confused jersey girl asking yet another stupid question.
Dec 14, 2006
I found this on Yahoo answers:

"Actually, the answer is yes and no. From the mainland, there is no way to see Russia from Alaska. The distance is too great.

However, there are two islands in the Bering Staight - Big Diomede and Little Diomede. The big island is Russian and the small one American. They are 1.5 miles from each other. Interestingly, the International Date Line separates the two, so there is a time difference of 23 hours between the two."

So I guess she can't see it from her house, but it's technically possible to see Russia from Alaska.

I found these pics of the two islands. The last is the view of Russia from Alaska.


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Oct 23, 2005
All of a sudden I feel a lot smarter after SpoiledKiwi's geography lession. Seriously! :nuts: Whodathunk that two islands are separated by the IDL and are 23 hours apart in time, although only 1.5 miles apart in distance? Cool.


sofa king sexy!
Jun 8, 2008
thank kiwi! so i guess she really cant see russia lol but i kinda thought she couldnt anyway. thats actually pretty interesting that rwo islands 1.5 miles apart are 23 hours apart. so i guess if you wanna go back in time, on new years eve you can skip across and be back the previous year lol
Apr 16, 2007
awww, cute islands! they look like theyre about to kiss


OP: maybe dont write out the full name of S.P. , i got warned for a non political post and i think its cuz i included the full name ? lol ... just to be safe!

It wasn't because you spelled out her full name, it was because you explicitly stated your opinion on her views, then invited others to come in and comment on whether or not they were "rooting for her." That's starting a political discussion.

This is just a little question about geography, nothing political.