Glitter Keds for Kate Spade

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  1. I purchased a pair of the glitter Keds back around the holidays and mine are in GREAT condition. I bought my mom a pair around Christmas and gave them to her for her birthday in Feb and they have worn TERRIBLY! There are hunks of glitter missing, such a waste of money! I called Kate Spade and they said I'd have to take them in to a store but I am three hours away. Do you think it would be worth it to try and take them back even though it's months later? My mom has maybe worn them five times and they look horrible!
  2. I am going to be near a store this coming up week.
  3. Ouch, My friend and i were still considering on the purchase. The glitters were so nice !
  4. I can't speak for shoes, but I purchased a bag and within a month the handle started to peel. I only used it twice mind you! I took it back to the store and I had the choice of getting a replacement bag or a gift card. I thought that was a fair decision.

    Luckily you'll be around a store. Hopefully they come to some sort of alternative for you. I would bring the receipt along with the shoes so they can see when you purchased the item in question. Good luck! ☺️
  5. My white ones have held up great, I LOVE them. Her black ones... Not so much!
  6. I hope it works out for you!