Glazed Love Pavia?

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  1. Anyone have one? Or at least tried it on?? How much does it hold? I wonder should be next bag be a shoulder bag since I hardly have any....and my recent Rebecca Minkoff purchase makes me miss the smooshy leather MBMJ's I used to own.
  2. ^^I thought it was awkward when I played with one at Nordies, the chains on both sides at the bottom of the leather shoulder strap kept twisting around on me. I think it's a pretty bag, but not useful for me.
  3. I have one! The chartreuse colored one. I love it! It sits perfectly on my shoulder, and i have no slippage issues. Well yet i suppose. And a friend of mine has a pavia from the earlier collection that she is still using till this day. She is a flight attendent and says that one is her favorite bag to carry to work, because it never leaves her shoulder:P.

    And on a side note i weep a little everytime i see her with one of her l.a.m.b's:crybaby:. She doesn't treat them like she should. She actually throws ,ok, THROWS, them in the backseat when she gets in the car! All the while her 5 and 6 year old are stepping on them:wtf:! Whenever i am in the car with her i always grab her l.a.m.b from her and put it right next to mine on the center console... i'm just sorry i can't be with them all the time:crybaby:!
  4. Aw what a good and protective friend you are! Lol I was thinking about the Chartreuse on sale or the black later on. Seems like a decent sized bag. Just a thought.
  5. EGADS!!!!!!!!:wtf:

    Poor bags!!!

    I don't let my girls near my bags, any of them!
  6. That makes me so sad! Poor lambs...
  7. Is there such a thing as a 'LAMB Intervention' where you explain the error of treating the bags like that????!!!:police:
  8. pooor lil pavia! :Push:
    there's should be "lamb 911".. :yes:

    i've been wanting a pavia since i saw the frosted line but couldn't make up my mind yet.. it's comfy cause the strap is wider than most gwen's shoulder bag but i do think it's a lil bit big for east-west shoulder bag.. i don't know.. i keep on trying it everytime i see one though..
  9. Isn't so very sad!? And everytime i see her i tell her 'what the hell did you do to your bag now?!' And i get the same response ,'omg i know, i'm so hard on it!'. :wtf:! And i tell her that i'm going to have to take all her bags away if she keeps living like this! She thinks it's funny. I really don't know why. And this crap happens to all of her bags! OMG her poor cheetah oxford! The scratches, the scrapes... i can't even think about it anymore:crybaby:!

    We need to work on that 'lambie 911' or a 'lambie hotline' STAT!
  10. Oh, I can't take anymore! The scratches, the scrapes! OMG!!!

    You should tell her there is a whole bunch of lambies who want her to treat her bags better or we are going to relocate them to better homes!!!:tup:
  11. ^^ AMEN SISTER LAMBIE! When i saw the first (notice i said FIRST!) scratch on her bag i damn near had a stroke!! I felt faint and my palms starting sweating.... you know all of us might need to go into ninja :ninja: mode and get those lambies to a safe house!

    Oh dear lord and she has an eton that she uses for work!!! I just remembered her! *sniff* i haven't seen her since she started taking her to work!
  12. ^ Nooooooo not the Eton!!
  13. Yes... the ETON! Oh dear lord please don't let her be hurt as well! *sniff sniff*
  14. I don't want to think about it...I hope she doesn't own any rasta. If she does it probably looks the worst of them all :sad:
  15. She has a rasta montego!!! Fortunately though she used it like 3 times put it away and then got her cheetah oxford and never looked back.