Glad PF is back!!

  1. Was it just me or was PF down for awhile?! I was BORED and actually did homework :amazed:
  2. Man, I didn't know what to do when PF was down. I was so bored :biggrin: I'm sooooo glad it's back!!!
  3. Yeah... ehm... we had some hardware difficulties for a few hours, it's all fixed now.

    Sorry about that :sad:
  4. Thanks Vlad!
  5. Thank goodness! I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms when I couldnt log on earlier!
  6. ^ Me too!!

    Thanks Vlad!!
  7. Yeah - I was in such a panic. :lol: I usually catch up over breakfast, so I was all lost and 'huh? Now what do I do?' :lol:
  8. So glad it's back ! Thanks Vlad ! :biggrin:
  9. I hate when it happens!!! I always try to psot anyway when i know my *own* site is down and I even know why!! HAHA
  10. guys...when the forum was down i almost died with it. haha

    shows how much im addicted, ei?
  11. Yuppers! It was down! I had to go to sleep early last night because I was bored!!!
  12. I was actually in shocked when I saw it was not loading!:amazed: It also forced me to study, I was so sad. I am Very glad the forum is back up now!!
  13. When things were down yest. morning I went shopping instead lol.
  14. Yikes !! Hope that will be the 1st (?) and the last one. No more. tPF is the best !!!
  15. Yep, it was down for a bit ;) but now its back hehe