Glace/Damier Clochette? Who has one and how do you use it?

  1. [​IMG]

    I've only seen it in pictures and would really like to see how it works out w/ keys. Does anyone have one?
  2. i don't even know what that is!!
  3. My SA showed me how to use it and it's really easy. Also it accommodates those bulky electronic car keyless remotes too. I forgot to buy it. Went back and they were sold out.
  4. There's a ring inside and if you unsnap the exterior button you can pull your keys out. When you're not using it. You pull the tab back down and snap it close and the keys are safely tucked inside so your bags and cases will not be scratched by any keys.
  5. and it works w/ bulky euro keys? :nuts::idea:
  6. i didn't either!
  7. Clochette was made for Euro keys initially and not available in the US. And now they are available, but not many ppl want to pay that much for a key case. I just forgot to buy mine.
  8. What??? I just pulled that up.

    It's still there in blue only. Think Damier has one too not sure if they made it in Monogram.
  9. yayy thanks.