Giving away my hand me down "vintage" speedy 35

  1. So I got a new one. Of all of my purchases I've never gotten a mono speedy (well I have the mini HL but that doesn't really count). A friends mother gave me a 35 she bought on her honeymoon back when I was like 20, it was so beat up but I did what I could with it and got it to look a little better. Finally I realized I'll never replace the leather or fix the zipper so I decided to pass it on, but I needed a replacement first. I was amazed at how nearly every detail on my new one is the same as the 30+ year old one, the lock is slightly different but that's it........I got a little pomme cles too! I love the 35, I can use it as a large purse and/or an overnight bag/carryon!
  2. Congrats! I hope you have many nice memories with your new bag!
  3. Thats awesome, I'm sure the new owner of your old speedy will be happy. Not to mention you with a new one and pomme cles :drool:
    Have you posted post's ?
  4. I tried to take a quick picture but it's too big to post (KB wise) you guys know what they look like though......I will to try to take a side by side of the two speedy's before I give the old one away.......
  5. congrats
  6. congrats on your new speedy Lola!
  7. congrats!!! you just gave me a bad idea of a speedy 35:graucho:
  8. Have fun with your brand new bag - the 35 sounds like such a fun size!