givenchy studded melancholy bag

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  1. i'm so obsessed about this studded melancholy bag from resort 2010, anyone know where i can found it online?

  2. Sorry, no idea here.
    Did you try with Luisa via Roma? My Theresa?
  3. #3 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
  4. ooh this is the first time ive seen this bag, I really like it!
  5. thnak u allisonanna :smile:
  6. Its really pretty. I will look out for it.
  7. I love that bag too, wish it was just a little bit bigger.
  8. Whoa, that bag is amazing.. hope you find it soon!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you..
  9. unfortunately i can't afford $1700 for this bag now :sad:
    anyone know where this bag might be available for sale or under retail? i know it's nearly impossible since it's a resort 2010 and it's only february now
  10. Oh my gosh!!! The bag is so pretty... I really like it!! I hope you'll find it soon.. this is going to be on my wishlist!
  11. That is a gorgeous bag.
  12. I just got one from ! can't wait to receive it this week! :yahoo:

  13. omg chanel123 i really really really envy you!!!
    prmosie me u will post a lot of pics here please...
  14. Nice bag, it is to my taste. I will have it on my wishing list.
  15. I really love this bag. Please post pics when you get it.