Givenchy Sacca Hobo

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  1. I haven't purchased a Givenchy yet, I was never a huge fan of the nightingale but the Sacca has caught my eye!

    I would love to hear anyones experiences/reviews etc.

    I believe the bag is Nylon (at least the one i was looking at was!) has quality been any issue?

  2. I like the Sacca hobo but can't give any input regarding quality issues...but most if not all Givenchy nylon bags these days are made in China.
  3. i have only one givenchy and its a sacca.. the embossed leather one...
    i will try and post pics...

    bought it 3 years ago and still looks brand new...

    i sold my bal WE and so i really need a MAXI NIGHTINGALE for travel!!!

    PM me if you see one ladies!
  4. Thats great, would love to see pics!

    Are you able to use it as a shoulder bag or are the straps too short?

    Dont want to steer you away from the nightingale but i highly recommend LV Keepalls for travel! :P
  5. it can actually go over the shoulder... very nice bag..

    ive had my LV keepall 45 for 6 years now... but i mainly put DH's laptop and camera, wallet, passports there and make him carry it as well..

    i would like another one that i can bash around and not feel bad about it...

    im hoping the givenchy nightingale will fit the bill... as its the same price as the LV keepall... but oh so smooshy and can just fall in a pile under the plane seat or on my lap..

    my bal WE in plomb is the prettiest color/ leather... but lack of shoulder straps and with 3 young kids, im really leaning on the nightingale..

    I will try and put up some sacca pics for you soon!

  6. Thanks for the pics. I see the thread is from over a year ago so can i ask how you have found the bag? Has it held up well?
  7. I have wanted a We myself (its been a harrowing journey, far too long to explain) and I'm now thinking of adding a large nightingale myself.

    Anyway, here's one at Bluefly:

    Its the most reasonably priced on on there, all the others are $2300 and up (assuming that is an issue for you).

    Good luck.

    And OP, From what i can see (own only one Givenchy) Givenchy bags are well made and if not abused will last a long time. I briefly owned a polyester nightingale and it was made in China. There were some issues with finishing on the interior. But if you find one you like, go for it.

  8. Wow.. thanks for the info. I never thought that Givenchy nylon bags are made in China.