Givenchy Pandora Zipper

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  1. I bought a Givenchy Pandora which has a zipper that does not have a mark on the underside. However, it has been authenticated by Real Authentications and Authenticate4U.

    Should I be worried?
  2. I have same situation about this. Should I be worried too?
  3. ^Hi!

    No, don't be worried, it was explained to me by Authenticate4U and RA that there was a period when Givenchy's zippers were unmarked. I forgot the timeline already but I remember googling and found some articles that said the same thing.
  4. So it means this is authentic?
  5. Mine was, yes.
  6. This is mine. Same as yours Screenshot_20190122-135645.jpg
  7. ^You should have it authenticated for your peace of mind. The zipper is just one thing among the many things they look for, before they can say for certain that a bag is authentic. :smile: